Working process

It is difficult to get the distance to the traditional, esoteric salt lamp.
On the one hand the viewer shouldn´t get the impression of a salt stone on the other hand I want to show the fascinating structure and aesthetic of the salt crystals. It can be a stick made of salt – so the surface gets geometric, in a way minimalistic. But if you switch the light on, the insides of the stone shine through. I want to create a contrast between two materials – maybe metal, e.g. anodized aluminium.
At the moment I am not sure about size of my lamp. It depends on the light intensity I get through the stone – do I want to have bright and shiny light or is a dim light enough? Is the weight important – light or heavy? …many questions – The answers I´ll get within the next weeks.

Here some sketches to show my ideas.


All images © Pauline Alt

… and the working process in the workshop.



All images © Pauline Alt

Pauline Alt

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