Working on the prototype


I tried different folding patterns for cubes. I picked two best patterns from the 1:2 cubes. By using the laser cutting machine I cut a 1:1 cube.

pattern1 pattern3


laser cutting patterns

All images © Jie Pu


Four edges of 6 cubes should not be closed since the bands will go through these edges to bind them together. The remaining three cubes only need two unclosed edges respectively, which means the other two edges should be seamed. I tested the special instant adhesive for Polypropylene(PP). But it didn’t work very well. One edge was cracked easily after being glued.

cracking2 cracking1

All images © Jie Pu

So I decided to change the pattern for these three cubes: I added two extra square pieces at each sides. These two pieces will be hidden inside the cubes.

new folding pattern 2 new folding pattern1

All images © Jie Pu

Light test

I used three kinds of PP films to make cubes for testing:

color material thickness (mm)
white 0.8
fog white 0.5
colorless 0.5


There are some pictures of lighting effects.

lighting 1 lighting 2

lighting 3

lighting 4

lighting 5

All images © Jie Pu

Next movement

The next movement is to figure out how to assemble PP lampshades, LED modules and heat sinks, how to hide wires, how to get the cubes together with magnet chips.

Jie Pu

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