Visiting Euroluce

For the creation of a novel light it’s very important to do some research on existing lights first and there’s no better way to do so than visiting the Euroluce light exhibition in Milan.

What ideas were in the focus of the creators? What kind of story do they tell and what is even possible with the current technology of LEDs?

After two exciting days on the fair I figured out, the main aspects of the designers and the manufacturers were following three major directions.

First thing to notice was the use of ‘natural’ and raw materials on the lamps and the play of light while shining through and on them. Being lit from behind, wooden veneers showed their complex texture. Lamps made of copper and brass were shining from every corner of the fair.

Other lamps came to my attention by focusing on a technical approach and the new possibilities that come along with LEDs.

Lamps and their constructions get smaller and thinner losing the shape of the lamp as we know it. Sometimes the lamp was just a cable hanging from the ceiling. Sometimes you could not find the small but powerful source of light inside of a chaotic construction. Still we should not only focus on building lamps as small and hidden as we can. We must not forget the poetic aspects each light fulfills in everyday life.

The last major trend was working with the well known shape of classic lamps and lampshades. By imitating existing lamps they try to get closer to the observer and create a feeling of recognition and trust.

Unfortunately I also realized that the fair was mostly about designing lamps, not the light itself. The focus of my lamp should be the light of the LEDs and the possibilities that come along with the new technology.

Based on what I have experienced in Milan I will now start to work out a few concepts focusing on different aspects of light that fascinate me.

Pawel Szczypinski

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