Urban Potagar

Since coming up with a more feasible concept I have begun experimenting with materials, forms, lights and of course plants. I found a guy with 20 years of Pottery experience who taught me how to throw. We both made a plate like dish that I cut to create the top and bottom platform for my lamp.


All images © Zac Imhoof

The second test involved finding the right type of light to grow plants. In order for photosynthesis to occur a plant needs certain colours of light from the light spectrum, specific Blues give the plant what it needs to grow and produce foliage and reds and oranges are used in the flowering and fruiting stage. I found a company that produced coloured LEDs with the correct Nanometer ranges that I required, I spoke with someone who helped me find the right ratio of colours to cater to the needs of the plant throughout its entire growth cycle.




All images © Zac Imhoof

And of course I continue to experiment with my plants plants, I have been using artificial light and natural light, testing hanging solutions and made a small hydroponic system, known as DWC (Deep Water Culture) to continue seeing how far I can push my idea.
In the second picture is a great example of how effective these lighting solutions can be, I hung the specialised grow light above my box of cherry tomatoes for 5 consecutive nights, and it created this wonderfully visual graph of how efficient the light is and also the amount of light falloff.


All images © Zac Imhoof

Zac Imhoof

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