Turn on the lights!

Turn on the lights – I provided all components necessary and the first of my LED modules is connected and working!

Now I am able to test the lighting properties of the different materials I had in mind. I haven´t decided yet whether to go with paper or fabric. Lately I have been playing around with either of these materials for using them to design my lighting objects. I was trying out different folding techniques, experimenting with the qualities of the material by wrinkling or stiffening it. I also figured out the optimum lighting temperature for me. Before dedicating myself to the particular construction of the objects, I´d like to check out as many options as possible. Here are some of these efforts…

materials_web folding technique_1_web

folding technique_2_web folding technique_3_web

folding technique_4_web

All images © Maika Eichenauer

Maika Eichenauer

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