In the end I wouldn´t call Trinity a construction light per se. It is more a functional bright and nice looking object. Everything is concentrated on the symbiosis of function and aesthetics. The special hinge I designed enables the two bodies to be folded and to have a portable lamp. You can turn and twist them to have different light directions and different impressions of the whole lamp. This different positions in combination with the shape intensify the objectness of my lamp. Thats where the name Trinity comes from. Two triangles which are foldable and movable. Another feature is, that you can wrap the cables around the handhold. When it is open and also when it is closed. So you have the opportunity to connect it to a plug in one room and take the lamp to another place because you have a long cable. These are points, where the Acrich technology was very useful and important because I didn´t have to care about the electronic ballast which has otherwise to be stored somewhere in the lamp. I could stay flat with my design and it is easier to handle, to carry and to move now.

Europa, Deutschland, Muenchen, Seoul Semiconductors, Studio Triva 9, Portraits/Leuchten  Europa, Deutschland, Muenchen, Seoul Semiconductors, Studio Triva 9, Portraits/Leuchten

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Magdalena Gillitzer

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