Translation into first models

During the last two weeks I have tried to translate the organic shapes of my first sketches into models. Fabric and paper were the main materials I used. I joined them with the help of a sewing machine.

joint_web wall_2_72 fabric Mock-up_web fabric mock-up shape_web

All images © Maika Eichenauer

Since paper by nature is a more rugged material and therefore difficult to bend into organic shapes, the models I created had a rather abstract form. While joining different pieces of paper by sewing, a kind of rim-like edge developed, which I instantly found very interesting and fascinating. These edges almost appear to give these shapes a lot more tension, which I like.

object_1_72 object_2_72 paper mock up lighted_web

All images © Maika Eichenauer

My next steps will be experimenting with the light temperature of the LEDs, the distance between lighting source and „screen“ and dealing with the technical aspects like cooling and the electrification.


Maika Eichenauer

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