Three directions

After a few weeks of research about current trends in lighting, what is on the market already and lighting in general, we finally got to know the Acrich technology we are going to use for our project. The way these LEDs work gives certain advantages and restrictions you need to consider when designing with them. One of the biggest advantages of course is that you literally don’t need much to make an actual lamp. They are plugged into the socket directly which I really want to showcase in my design.

Therefore I looked into three different directions my design can go.

The first one is about visual weight. About making a lamp that seems to be weightless , to be hovering above the ground or in mid-air.


Image left © Ken Unsworth

Top right image © ART+COM

Bottom right & center images © Hans Haake

The second one is a more graphical and two-dimensional apporach. I want to work with bold strokes of material and clean lines, to achieve some kind of a statement lamp.


Image left © Tadao Ando

Image center © Molto Luce

Image right © Catellani & Smith

The last one is all about one material. I haven’t decided which one yet, but it could basically be anything from acrylic glass or metal to textile. This one is more about an experiment on which effects a material in different states can have on light.


Image left © Todd Bracher

Images top right & bottom center © Hans Kotter

Image bottom right © Vasa Mihich

The next steps will be first ideas to the different directions and eventually a decision which one to follow.

Christopher Gros

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