The final form

formfindung 1 formfindung 2 aquarell

Form finding

All images © Katrin Lehmann

After playing a lot with the dechroic foil, I finally decided on a constellation the glass should have. It may remind you of a shining sun or diamond and I think these impressions fit the character of the dechroic glass just fine.

finale pose © Katrin Lehmann

Six glasses arranged like a shining semicircle, Light source shining from below

Why does it look like that? It is important that the glass is placed in different angles to the light source, so the full range of colors can be shown. I also wanted a „clean“ constellation, meaning no crossing lines or particular eye-catcher. It would also be too much to open up a second line of glasses behind the first, as the colored shadows get a bit muddy when laid too much over each other. Therefore, six glasses are more than enough to get the desired effect.

In the next steps I tried to find a solution on how to join the six glasses to one lamp, so I sketched a lot to find a constellation holding the glasses on the wall. It is important that it’s very thin, so the glass is sitting as close as possible on the wall, preventing a gap in the colored shadows. In the sketches below you see a green marked sketch which shows the space, where no colored shadow reaches when the light is on. In between this space I tried to place the skeletal structure that holds the glass together, so no colored shadow is interrupted. The red line shows, which constellation I liked the most. There are also some Ideas shown on how to join the glass with the skeleton structure and if there will be a hinge so that the LED can be moved to regulate the colored shadows.

Teile Verbinden details

All images © Katrin Lehmann

The milling cutter

There was one skeleton structure that I preferred so I reconstructed it via a program called „Rhinoceros“. I built it in 1:1 to mill it at university out of a 2 mm aluminum slide and reworked it with a rasp. Now I have a very thin (width 4 mm and height 2 mm, total size 300×400 mm) skeleton structure and I am curious to see whether it will bear up with the weight of six glass sheets (each a size of 80×110 mm, thickness 4 mm ) or if it bends to my disadvantage.

Rhino Fräsen

fräsen resultat

All images © Katrin Lehmann

I’m looking forward to the 11th of June to present our intermediate results!! 😉


© Katrin Lehmann



Katrin Lehmann

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