The final design

For my last test I casted copper mesh into the tinted resin and connected the 17 Watt LED to it.
It takes about 1 minute for the effect to start and around 5 minutes for the whole plate to turn from solid black to a translucent state.
You can now see the light shine through the plate.

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All images © Julian Lange

Since the experiment worked out pretty well, I decided to think of my final design.

The goal is to create a cylindrical lamp body made out of two resin parts. A clear part and a tinted part. I’m going to cast aluminium rods into the resin in order to transfer the heat to the lamp body and make the thermochromatic pigments in the upper part lose their colour. The rods are also functioning as a heatsink, cooling the LED by peaking out of the lampbody on the top. By losing it’s colour the resin will be translucent, reveiling the light and the aluminium rods inside of the lamp.


© Julian Lange

Now that I’m happy with my final design I am able to think of the manufacturing process which will be shown in my upcoming blog entries.
I started to order all the materials I need and I am now pretty much set to bring my concept to life. Stay tuned and follow my progress.

Julian Lange

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