The final design

During the last few weeks I decided on my final design, made a lot of sketches and tried to solve different problems concerning the prototype´s shape:

0 sketches

© Maika Eichenauer

1. Joining the different parts of my objects by stitching without overlapping them


© Maika Eichenauer

2. Dealing with the problem, that the heatsinks wouldn’t fit into my objects and thus separating objects and technical parts

2.0 mechanism - sketch 2.1 Steckmechanismus 2.2 dummy and sketches

All images © Maika Eichenauer

3. Designing the look of the basis, which now consists of the technical parts such as semiconductor module, base plate and the heatsinks

3 base rendering

© Maika Eichenauer

My next steps will be working out some of the details and finalizing the construction.

Maika Eichenauer

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