The Cube

The Cube is a lamp completely made out of metal sheets. Six 100×100 mm metal sheet squares are fixed together by four hinges, which build a perfect cube. Each surface on the inside of the lamp has different characteristics. One is polished and has a lot of bevels, another one is made out of copper and so on. The LED is appropriated on one surface.

All images © Christoph Dörr

You can now unfold the cube however you like to. It is possible to fold the LED against the copper surface, so you get warm light or you fold the light source against other surfaces and by that, you can create your own light and experiment and play with the different characteristics of the metal surfaces.

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All images © Christoph Dörr

I already started to build a prototype of the lamp and developed hinges, which can hold every kind of position. The hinges of the finished lamp should be integrated in the six metal sheet squares. I also tested if it’s possible to integrate the hinges and already found a good solution for that problem.

The next weeks I will furthermore experiment with different light reflecting characteristics of metal and try to find a good solution for the cooling of the LED.

So be ready to play and create your own light!

Christoph Dörr

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