Testing Dielectric Liquids

I got my hands on two dielectric liquids; distilled water and silicone oil. The following are my observations.

Distilled Water: I quickly found out that although distilled water doesn’t conduct electricity it still causes corrosion. So my first LED test in it worked for a few hours, but due to electricity flowing through the circuits, the corrosion process was extremely accelerated. This resulted in a complete malfunction of the LED module.


© René Walk

Silicone Oil: Unlike distilled water, silicone oil doesn’t cause corrosion. I tested an Acrich LED module in the liquid for over 24 hours. Over the first 6 hours the oil heated to a temperature of ~50 Celsius – a perfectly ok temperature for the LEDs. Happy with the result. I will use silicone oil as  the coolant for my lamp.


© René Walk

Next up: Concept.

René Walk

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