Research, Inspiration, Concepts, Directions

Research, Inspiration

I did some research on what is out there, what is already existing. This is to get a good overview and to find out what is fascinating me the most. It is about getting first ideas, inspirations and getting a feeling of where I am heading to. During that period of time Prof. Naumann wanted us to consider if we liked to create something functional or something conceptional. I figured out that conceptional lamps got me literally addicted so in that field I want to design my lamp. It also turned out that I want to design a light that makes you feel relaxed e.g. you are chilling in the living room after work.

Concepts, Directions

concepts sketched bearb klein

© Benjamin Bohnhorst

In the next step I thought about 3 different concepts to produce new and different ideas. That is a very important step for me to find more ideas than the first spontaneous one you got on your research.


This concept is about creating a lamp with ready-made things. The idea is to newly interpret things by putting them together in a way no one has seen before. During my research I found a great example which I sketched: a lamp made of a whisk.

ready made sketch klein

© Benjamin Bohnhorst


This concept is about finding an unexpected balance. My idea is to create a lamp that got a plain and inconspicuous design. When you switch on the light there will be an unexpected shadow on the ceiling and on the walls: the pattern of a smooth surface of the water. With this concept I want to create an underwater atmosphere.

experimental sketch klein

© Benjamin Bohnhorst


My third concept is about combining a biomorphic pattern with a graphical pattern. The idea is to create a sort of art work which produces an interesting shadow on the wall and on the ceiling. I have to admit that I thought the experimental concept is the most abstract one but it turns out it is the third idea: biomorphic meets graphical.

graphical meets biomorphic sketch klein

© Benjamin Bohnhorst


Benjamin Bohnhorst

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