Reconsidering my concept

After a lot of thinking and experimenting with different kinds of shadows and forms, I came to the conclusion that my concept will not gain my desired result.
While experimenting, I figured out that it is really tough to generate a sharp and crisp shadow. If you put a form in front of a light source to create a shadow, the light source has to be far away from the  „shadow-giving“ form. So it is not possible for me to develop a lamp, which generates a sharp and interesting shadow impression that meets my requirements.
While experimenting with different forms, I realized that it is too simple and not that appealing to just put a form in front of a light to generate a shadow. So I decided to make a whole new concept, because I won’t be happy with the outcome.

Light belongs to everyone

The new lamp will also be made out of metal sheets and the cooling for the LED will be the form and the material of the lamp itself. It should be possible to change the impression of the light by just changing the form of the lamp itself, for example by folding or bending the metal sheet. You should be able to create your own light where and how you need it, because light belongs to everyone.
How the lamp will work and how it will be possible to interact with the lamp I will develop during the next two weeks. I already have something in mind, so be curious about my next entry.

Christoph Dörr

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