Last week I had the chance to transform my stones in the stone masons´ workshop of the Academy of Fine Arts.  I cut the stones into long, quadratic blocks, worked out different forms and core drilled a hole into a big stone in order to get a cylinder.

The only problem was, that the drilling rig of the Academy was too short. This is why I contacted a core drilling company – there I would have the possibility to cut out cylinders with any length. Unfortunately it was very complicated to get an appointment there. That’s why I looked for another solution at the university. My idea was to rework the quadratic salt-blocks into cylinders by shaping them with a grinding machine, as you can see in the picture and the sketch. At the end the lamp should have a diameter of at least 60mm and a length/height of 600mm or more.

IMG_1920 Core drill

IMG_1931 IMG_1932

Quadrat-Kreis-Abschleifen From block to cylinder

All images © Pauline Alt

The next step was to drill a hole into the cylinder. This was necessary in order to give the light enough space to shine. Before I could drill I had to build a fixation block out of a hard foam-like material. If I wouldn´t have drilled a hole into the stone there would not have been any chance for the light to spread out.

IMG_1955 Cylinder and the fixation block

© Pauline Alt

Next Thursday we will present our concepts and the prototypes. Therefore we brazed the LEDs to check out how the light shines through our material and what light intensity we need.

The second material, which I’m going to use for my lamp is anodized aluminium. The first advantage of anodized aluminium is that I can colorize it as I want. Secondly it is resistant to saltwater, i.e. the salt can´t corrode the metal. Thirdly aluminium conducts heat very well – that’s why this material is particularly suitable for cooling. The cooling element, which is always needed while working with LEDs, will be placed inside the aluminium pipe. The pipe as well as the cooling element ensure that the LEDs stay cold enough.

Leuchte aufbau Luminaire set up

© Pauline Alt

It´s still not clear whether my lamp is hanging from the ceiling or standing like a column. It depends on the size.

Here´s a rendering to show how it could look like:


© Pauline Alt



Pauline Alt

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