Prototyping, prototyping, prototyping

After a lot of thoughts and enough time passed, I decided on the concept that deals with the ways that light influences our perception and spatial understanding. In order to achieve the sense of infinity, the light and the reflector need to be put up and adjusted in perfect harmony. Of course there is only one way to attain this harmony and that is prototyping. A lot of prototyping.
The material for the first prototypes usually needs to be cost efficient due to the sheer amount needed, therefore I decided on using cardboard for the frame. As for the key element I cannot save money on the reflector, though. After all, I need to experiment on the perfect play between the lighting modules and the reflecting surface, that will either consist of paper or frosted acrylic glass.

With the materials being purchased I am now eager to lock myself in the workshop and start experimenting.

Pawel Szczypinski

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