Right now I am finalising the last details of my design i.e. paintjobs etc.

These are the two possible versions. The first one I consider is not painted at all, the aluminium parts are just polished. The second one is all anodized black aluminium. The heatsink rods in this design are peaking out of the lamp on top. This might be necessary to avoid possible overheating of the LED and it can also be seen as an additional design detail.

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All images © Julian Lange

Now for the manufacturing process I built the heatsink and assembled the LED. The aluminium rods are polished and can be put into the plate already. For the tinted resin I am going to cast it in between two plexiglas pipes. The inner pipe is going to stay inside whereas the outer pipe will be removed later on.

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All images © Julian Lange

The resin will consist of a tinted part on top and a clear part on the bottom of the lamp. I did some experiments in order to achieve a nice transition i.e. a gradient between the two parts.

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All images © Julian Lange

Next week I am going to finish the prototype for the final presentation.

Stay tuned and be excited for the lamp!


Julian Lange

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