New shapes and designs

// rejecting my idea
Two days before the last interim presentation in June I figured out that I took the wrong turn to design my lamp. I couldn’t see a connection to my concept anymore here. I double checked my decision with our team and every one agreed: I have to reject my idea how to design my concept. Apparently it was the beginning of a pretty tough time to find a complete new design for my concept and building it within 4 weeks.

// new shapes and designs
1, My goal was to produce as much shapes and ideas as I could to make sure to get rid of my previous design. The first phase of finding new shapes only lasted two days to get something new to present on the last interim presentation in June. So I pretty much worked two entire days without sleep. I created many new designs and shapes with paper, wire, aluminium foil, some bark and cotton wool. All that materials allowed me to combine them in an interesting way and to produce different shapes. That phase helped me to go back to zero.

new shapes1_1  new shapes1_2 new shapes1_3

All images © Benjamin Bohnhorst

2, Apparently design is not born in a view night shifts. So I kept on searching another material and finding new forms. At the beginning of the second phase of finding no shapes I considered my moodboard as the inspiration to help me out of this. (A moodboard is a sort of collage which expresses the idea of the concept with pictures). I thought about how I want to show graphical meets biomorphic in a thrilling and fascinating way. So I did some experiments with ink and mixed it up with oil and dish soap. Additionally I tried to combine a certain foam architect’s use for their models with some wire. First of all I got it all into a rough shape to see how it effects the light and the shadow on the wall. Turned out the ink did not produce any special effect at all but the architect’s foam did. The closer the foam is to the wall the more details you can see in the shadow on the wall. At the same time, the closer the foam is to the LED the more blurry the shadow becomes. So putting the foam into certain shapes you get a 3D effect with the 2D shadow.

new shapes2_1 new shapes2_2

All images © Benjamin Bohnhorst

3, I got the foam into shape with some wire. These shapes seemed to fit perfectly to my concept since I could show a beautiful balance of graphical and biomorphic. The only disadvantage was the time to build one of these beautiful shapes. So I had to think of what I really needed to show the beautiful 3D effect of the shadow.

new shapes3_1 new shapes3_2 new shpaes3_3

All images © Benjamin Bohnhorst


Benjamin Bohnhorst

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