Moodboards and first ideas

I thought about three topics I am interested in: hanging lamps (Hängeleuchte), wall lamps (Wandleuchte) and in general upcycling.

​When I first heard about the task of this project, I automatically had a big hanging lamp in mind. With the first moodboard I tried to sum up aspects like clean and simple forms that look very interesting when repeating themselves.


Image left © Martin Glück

Image right © Louis Poulsen

After thinking a bit further, wall lamps came into my mind and the interesting thing about them is that they are mostly used outdoors to lighten up backyards or front doors. So why not bring them indoors, further see them as an artwork replacing the picture on the wall? ​The second moodboard shows how different a wall lamp can be designed: for example clean and without attracting attention or flashy and wild. Each of them creates its own mood in a room.


Image left © Egoluce

Image right © S’luce ORIENT

The third moodboard is devoted to the topic „upcycling“. A thoughtful handling with waste is getting more and more important, so why not using already once used materials to create something new? You would be surprised what can be done with common plastic cups or even eggshells!


Image left © Anca Gray

Image right © ullis materialbörse

These are first ideas that instantly came into my mind, but nothing is fixed yet.​

Leuchten erste Ideen 1 Leuchten erste Ideen 2

© Katrin Lehmann


Katrin Lehmann

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