The lamp on the wall replaces the picture on the wall, the moodlamp „MAYA“ distinguishes itself through beautiful light effects shown in bright sunlight and at night. For this purpose, an exciting material is being used named „dichroic foil“ sticked on glas. Dichroic means two-colored, meaning if daylight or artificial light falls upon the glasses, two colors will pass through and two other colors will be reflected. Through movement you can change and have influence of the colors, depending on the angle the glasses have to the light source, a different color-spectrum can be seen.
If daylight falls upon MAYA, faint reflections and shadows surface, the attention belongs to the glasses and the aluminium basic structure – depending on the angle of vision, new colors pop up and the surrounding is reflected in a special way.
In the evening, when the artificial light is turned on, MAYA expounds its whole power. Because of the strong LEDs of the Acrich technology, intensive and strong colors are produced and through an integrated rail you can become acquainted with the effect and be present at an unusual play of colors.

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All images © Katrin Lehmann

Katrin Lehmann

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