Lighting up

Heat testing
I connected one LED module and pasted it on the heat sink. I tested the heat, it stayed almost under 70 degree. The 43mm x43 mm heat sink works very well.

© Jie Pu

A lighting unit
I used the CNC machine to cut an aluminium plate into 9 square frames (43mmx43mm) which have the same size of a heat sink. I screwed a heat sink, a PP lampshade and a aluminium frame together to fix a light unit.

alu 1

alu 3 alu 4

alu 5

All images © Jie Pu

„Wires salad“
I just connected 5 LED modules for the prototype. I should still work on the arrangement of wires.


© Jie Pu

Holding cubes together
I tried to use magnetic chips to hold cubes together. Ø 8 X2 mm worked very well on the cube surfaces. However, they don’t attract each other when I put them inside cubes, since there are more than one PP layers. So I tried the thicker ones, Ø 10 X5 mm. They worked even for two 0.8mm and three 0.5 mm PP layers.

magnet 1 magnet 2 

magnet 3

All images © Jie Pu

Lighting up
Finally, the nine transforming cubes were lighted! I checked the lighting effects of the cubes. I think I will go with the white PP. It looks better than the other two materials.

lingting up 1 lighting up 2

All images © Jie Pu

Next movement
My next step is to figure out the lamp base and perfect all details.

Jie Pu

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