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The last few weeks I worked on the shape of my construction light. I decided to use the shape of a triangle for the lighting surface. The whole part will be the base-plate of the LEDs and the diffusor plus the cooling body. There will be two symmetrical parts which are connected with a hinge, so it is possible to move them in different ways and fold them to one peace together. With this simple shape, I think it is possible to combine the functional character and the object character of my idea. The triangle has also one big advantage (in comparison to the square which I wanted to use first). There is a bigger luminous efficiency and its more dynamic looking when you put it on the long side of the triangle.

Problems I work with:

Because I want to have a really flat design, I am struggling with the distance between LED and diffusor. I hope to create a consistent light surface. But for this I need either distance or a diffusor which has a low grade of transmission.

The second problem is the cooling body. It is important to touch the object so it must not be too hot. But because of the flat design there is not much space for a big cooling body. I´m thinking of designing my own cooling body surface. Maybe it’s possible to find a perfect compromise or a surface which takes a lot of heat.

Third issue is the connection between the two parts of the light. The hinge. I would like to have a hinge which allows the  user to move the body in two dimensions. But it should not be or look fragile. Maybe there is the opportunity to use a stable textile.

Here you can see some pictures of my paper prototype. They show how I made the cooling bodys and the idea of moving and placing the light. The white surface symbolizes the light surface.

IMG_3465 IMG_3416 IMG_3417

IMG_3448 IMG_3453


IMG_3455 IMG_3456


IMG_3461 IMG_3462 IMG_3463

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Magdalena Gillitzer

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