This concept is inspired by the natural color reflections that appear when rays of light fall on a crystal (prism) – a process that makes the full color spectrum visible and creates a visceral sensation of movement. Though natural, this sight is rare in our everyday life and the project aims to capture this sensation and make it accessible for everyone in an urban environment. This concept has been used before. Rafael Hefti employed it to bring a contemporary perspective on the work of Vincent van Gogh to life in a former private mansion in Arles, France. In a large exhibit hall he created skylight openings which transmit a structure created on the rooftop terrace using natural daylight. My project creates similar sensations but improves the concept: First, it makes it more accessible, because it does not require structural changes of the room. Second, the effect is achieved by high performance LEDs instead of daylight, thus it is independent of natural light and at one’s disposal any time of day and night. Finally, when the lamp is switched off, it looks like a passive element of the interior design that is suitable for every home style. Last but not least, the lamp transmits the idea that light is not only a practical means of visibility.

Diamant frau

Image left © Oleksii Glushenkov; image right © 2010 BLOG TL MAGAZINE

The inner life of the lamp consists of acrylic glass facets that reflect the light so that when the light is switched on different color light pattern appear.

buntes prisma

© Teodora Pavlovska

The inner life is installed in a structure that is uniform and translucent.

braune kugel

© Teodora Pavlovska

When switched on the high performance LEDs illuminate the inner structure. The interior becomes visible and illuminates the room. An initially simple form transforms into a colorful light explosion.

kugel fliegende splitter

© Teodora Pavlovska



This concept is inspired by the idea that small fallacies remind us the human element in everything we produce – a concept almost forgotten in today’s search for perfectionism.
To capture this idea in everyday life I choose to incorporate it in room dividers – a traditional element of interior design. The room divider is knitted with occasional but intentional runs which represent imperfections. The runs are made of fiber OPTICS which illuminate when the lamp is switched on, thus underlying the beauty of fallacies in material products.

netz jacke

Image left © Franko Poli; image right © Teodora Pavlovska

Teodora Pavlovska

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