Heatsinks – A broad range of design possibilities

Having an idea or a concept is easy but transforming it into a real object isn’t. For that reason I am modifying my initial design concept to make it easier to manufacture and to handle. That means no moveable parts anymore.

At the moment, I’m looking into the design of heatsinks. The LED modules produce quiet a lot of heat if they are not being cooled properly. There’s a lot of scientific knowledge behind the design of heatsinks and they are only designed for performance. With the LED-technology, the heatsinks are visible and offer a broad range of design possibilities. I’m now trying different patterns that can be applied to the heatsinks and that increase the surface area in order to cool the LED and at the same time look good.

The patterns will be laser cut out of cardboard to build paper mockups in order to determine the right pattern, scale and so on. In the next blog post I will show pictures of the model making process.

Viktor Reiter

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