Salt is a fascinating material. Nobody can imagine a life without it. On the one hand it makes food taste well on the other hand it has a powerful effect on people’s mind and health: It is used to cure people who are anguished by lung diseases, at the same time it enriches the air with ions and minimizes the electromagnetic pollution.
Keeping that in mind my salt lamp isn´t just a medium to spend light, it is a medium to appeal beneficial to someone.
Halite, commonly known as rock salt or the mineral form of sodium chloride, is a new interpretation of a salt lamp and erases from the current aesthetic of a salt lamp: Abstraction is induced by the transformation of the salt stone into a geometric form, by changing the colour of using the black stone and by the combination of nature and technique (salt with the cooling part and of course the LED).

It spends warm, calming light trough the structure of the stone, likewise it produces bright light because of the hole.

Finally Halite can occur in a group of three or more lamps (see drawing).

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05_06_15_Salzleuchte_AnordnungTrio_a                05_06_15_Salzleuchte_AnordnungTrio_c

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Pauline Alt

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