My concept is basically inspired by two very differnet architects.
One is Zaha Hadid whose architecture and especially her early work is quite expressive and loud, for example the Vitra Fire Station.
The other one is Tadao Ando. His architecture is much more rational and calm but he is so considerate when it comes to light.

So the concept is all about bold polygonal shapes that come together in a three-dimensional manner to create large expressive sculptures with a graphical character.

The light sources, i.e. the LED-panels, are supposed to be hidden so the bright LEDs will not take the focus off of the sculpture. Instead the light should enhance the scultpure‘s aesthetic.
The light creates additional graphical elements such as contrasting black and white surfaces, sharp and fading shadows as well as an inner glow which makes it even more dramatic and appealing.

In terms of material metal would be an obvious choice since it can function as a cooling device for the LEDs.
Still, aesthetic-wise there are a lot of other materials that might work, for example plastic, translucent plastic, paper or glass.

So the next steps will be to find the shapes and the material that will work in this concept. I am going to expermiment with paper models and different materials to explore my possibilities.

Sketch_1 Sketch_2

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Christopher Gros

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