Graphical Light

In terms of material I decided to use metal. As I said before a metal body can be utilised as a cooling device by attaching the LED modules directly onto it. This gives me a lot of freedom in finding the form since I do not need to worry about clunky and bulky cooling elements. Right now I am researching what kind of metal would fit.

To find out what I can actually do with light in my sculpture I did a few CAD renderings. I put light sources in different areas to get an idea how the light will look. What I am really interested in is to find a way I can add another graphical dimension with the light.

Entwurf_4 Entwurf_1 Entwurf_2

© Christopher Gros

Now I am going to build paper prototypes to see how large the sculpture can be and to get a feeling for the light.

Christopher Gros

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