From installations to the Tyndall effect

After more research, I’m not into a installation any more. But as I mentioned before I would like to focus on the Tyndall-effect. Therefore small particles in the air can fracture the light and create a special space. I would like to emphasize the space that is near to the light source.
Because often you think about light how it touches objects. I want to put more focus on the air and the space it touches in the centre around the light source.
So first I started to test different particles to be sure which kind of story they are able to tell. I started with sand and foam particles.
To put that into a light you need some kind of air circulation where the particles have space to move and to show their whole potential ability to create the emotion I want to show.
So the actual concept is to take an object made of glass and a fan strong enough to make the particles fly constantly. Also I would like to dim the light with the power of the fan.
The more power you give to the fan the more the particles rush around and circulate.

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Bildschirmfoto 2015-05-12 um 17.40.18

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Manuel Steffan

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