Form studies

The new idea for my design turned out to be the right path to continue. After many scale models made out of paper I built a 1:2 scale model of the shield and half of the original sized pole.

The form studies were made in foam and cardboard. After having verified the proportions based on the scale models and the pole model, I can now continue to plan every manufacturing step for the final model for the final presentation on July 9th.

I already know how to build the shield. It’s quite an elegant way to unroll the shield, cut it from the material and then force it into its shape by tensing the ends of the shield with the pole. No screws or anything similar is used to hold the shield in its place – just the very own tension of the material.

The pole is not that easy to manufacture though. I intended to make it a solid, continuous shape but that would not be very economical. Now the pole will be assembled from 15 different parts.

In the pictures you can see the process of making the form studies.

be-bright_Viktor-Reiter1 be-bright_Viktor-Reiter2

be-bright_Viktor-Reiter3.JPG be-bright_Viktor-Reiter4.JPG

be-bright_Viktor-Reiter5.JPG be-bright_Viktor-Reiter6.JPG

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Viktor Reiter

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