Flying, cracking, cooling

After research, I was so inspired and also lost a little bit. But it is supposed to be a part of the design process:) Anyway, I tried to nail down my ideas in three different directions.

The first idea is to create a lamp which convinces people that it is flying or floating in the air.

The light explodes from a block. The idea is to figure out the best way of conducting light through optical fibers. I made some examples with render effects by using Rhino.

© Jie Pu

Cooling at its best
Most of the LED power should be spread through the cooling part. Maybe the design could be focused on the cooling part. The whole style of the lamp could be very minimalist, so that people’s attention would be locked on the cooling part.


© Jie Pu

My next movement is to figure out which direction is right for me. Before that, I should do some deeper research and experiment.

Jie Pu

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