First Ideas for Exploring Light

These are my first ideas for Exploring Light. The first one is already a little more concrete than the second one. The first idea is to create a new kind of construction light which is also adaptive to the normal household as an ambient light or a light object. Here you can see some pictures of my research about already existing LED construction lights.

© Copyright 2015 by HEDI GmbH © 2009-2015 - Scangrip AS© 2014 HENRI electronic GmbH © Boon Vong

Images left to right:

© 2015 by HEDI GmbH, © 2009-2015 – Scangrip A/S, © 2014 HENRI electronic GmbH, © Boon Vong

It shall be multifunctional. I want it to be very flat so the benefit of working without electronic ballast can be seen. The following pictures show some first ideas about shape and function.


SketchEL5 SketchEL2 Skizze 1 Skizze 2

All sketches © Magdalena Gillitzer

In my second idea I consider the idea of physical experiments. I want to design a light which includes a physical experiment such as the double slit experiment or the Tyndall effect.


© Timm Weitkamp / CC-by-3.0

In my opinion it’s really interesting to combine natural sciences with design. It can be an exciting symbiosis.  I also do research about cooling bodies. It’s really important for the design process and it can be the main part of the design itself.

Magdalena Gillitzer

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