Finding the shape & prototyping

Finding the shape

Basically my idea was to create a sort of ball made by triangles. But I was not sure if I wanted to create a ball made by random triangles or by equal triangles. To figure that out I made some first shapes of paper to see how my ideas looked like for real. Turned out that I want to design my lamp with equal triangles.


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I thought about the first details such as how to connect the triangles with each other, the gap between the triangles, the way how I want to paint the lamp, etc. and especially how to produce it and what material it is made of. I decided that my lamp is going to be made out of metal. That led me to the way my lamp is going to be produced: laser cutting. The advantage is that I mainly need metal and it is fast and easy to produce. It also explains the way the triangles are connected to each other – sort of bridges which hold the triangles together. Some are going to be cut by laser and some I need to connect afterwards since the shape of the lamp is a sort of ball made of triangles. I want to use a black plate for my product and paint it high gloss since I consider that best fits to my concept.

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For the second interim presentation I want to show all participants, my professors and Seoul Semiconductor a prototype which already got the exact size of my final product. Since I want to laser cut my product for the final presentation I also did it for the second interim presentation. After a meeting with our head of faculty workshop I decided to create my prototype of plastic since we can laser cut plastic at our faculty. So I practice to deal with a laser cutter and created data which I can use for the final product as well.


© Benjamin Bohnhorst

Benjamin Bohnhorst

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