Finding the right material

So far I got my concept and 3 approaches. I decided to go for the third approach which I consider fits best for my concept: triangles forming a sort of ball and have a little gap between each other. Each triangle is made of a certain reflecting surface so the surrounding as the biomorphic part becomes one with the graphical part (the triangles and the pattern made by the gaps to each other).

I thought about either to build my lamp with transparent material or with solid material. Also I had to figure out what material is reflecting but not as much as a mirror does.

I went through my apartment with a green pot holder and put it at different reflecting materials. It was crystal clear to me after a while of trying that black reflecting surfaces got my literally addicted. They simply look beautiful and nice and also all reflecting colors getting dark. So even if it’s a strong reflecting surface it doesn’t look like a mirror since the colors in the reflection turn dark.

pot holder reflcetion pot holder reflection black


All images © Benjamin Bohnhorst

After finding out the way the surfaces has to reflect I got myself a piece of black and transparent plexiglas, black and dark grey spray cans, thick dark paper and a transparent dark foil. I put it all on the plexiglas and put my mobile torch under it to see how the light shines through it. The end of the story is that I absolutely like the black plexiglas. Transparent versions could have a wild esthetics which I consider wild and rough. In my opinion the completely dark plexiglas where no light is shining through but through the gaps to each other sounds pretty thrilling to me. It also underlines the graphical pattern which perfectly fits to my concept.

stuff testing black plexiglas testing transparent foil testing range

All images © Benjamin Bohnhorst

In the next few weeks I am going to think of how to produce my lamp and I am going to approach the final form of the lamp.


Benjamin Bohnhorst

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