Finding the essence of light

We all associate light with certain moods. The warm light of the evening sun after a brief summer storm. The cold and irritating light of your dentist’s lamp. Light is like a catalyst for different atmospheres, but light is also able to tell stories by itself. Best examples for this are the two artists Doug Wheeler and Olafur Eliasson. While Doug Wheeler focuses on the light’s impact on three dimensional perception, Olafur Eliasson follows a more playful and expiremental approach to light and its vast variety.


Photo by Fulvio Orsenigo © 2014 Doug Wheeler


The Weather Project (2003) by Olafur Eliasson in the Turbine Hall of the Tate Modern. Photograph: Dan Chung for the Guardian

I myself am focusing on the expression of light itself and its source. I’m trying to find a playful contrast between the lamp and the light. It’s about finding the essence of light and to highlight it. This gives light the possibility to tell its own story. Doing so I came to two major ideas:
The first concept focuses on many small bricks that will start to glow once they are combined. Each brick has its own function so while there is a brick for the energy supply there is another one for soft light, and another one for directional light for example. The energy is transmitted wirelessly by induction. This allows a playful and simple approach to the whole experience of light and the use of light in everyday life, by splitting the entire process in its components and giving the possibility of recombination.



© Pawel Szczypinski

The second concept follows a more poetic and intricate idea. The emphasis of this idea to focus on the contrast between shapeless light and its solid source. With the possibilities given by the ACRICH3 LEDs I will try to give the permanent light source a different context being switched on and being switched off. The light itself creates
an illusion of depth and contrast and changes the shape, or at least the perception of the light source.


© Pawel Szczypinski

Those two concepts in mind, I will have to start experimenting with the ACRICH3 modules to get the best solutions for my ideas as possible. Comparing the results I will try to find out, what design reflects the character of light best.

Pawel Szczypinski

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