Finalizing my form and model making

After the last presentation I changed the form of my lamp a little bit, but the essence of my idea is still the same.
In contrast to the previous form the new one will be much more modest and easier to understand. The current version of the lamp will be made of three 20×20 cm, 0.88 mm thin metal sheet squares. The base is a 10 mm thick steel plate. It’s possible to use the lamp as a normal room light and just by folding one square against the light source it’s possible to create an ambience light. You are able to fold the surfaces to a very thin form und just by unfolding the light turns on.
The next two weeks I will build the whole lamp and try to clarify all technical details. I already bought the whole material, which I will need for the model making.
Now I am ready to start the manufacture of the lamp.

Christoph Dörr

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