Final Spurt!

After the presentation I had to make some decisions. I made a hinge which allows all the movements I wanted for my lamp. The size I chose was a good mediocrity between stability and proportion. Now it neither looks too fragile nor too bulky.

At the moment I work on my cooling body. It is more or less finished. But a few small items have to be made.

The next step is to make the frame for the diffusor which is made of acrylic glass. For this lasered parts for the frame in pieces to glue them on the aluminium cooling body.

Also the diffusors have to be lasered. I will take more than one to try different kinds of lighting.

I am really looking forward to my final prototype.

IMG_3634 Kopie IMG_3636 Kopie

IMG_3651 Kopie

IMG_3652 Kopie IMG_3653

IMG_3654 Kopie

All images © Lena Gillitzer

Magdalena Gillitzer

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