Final concept and design ideas

Final Concept

After I got 3 directions I did more research on every single concept. That led me to my decision what my final concept is going to be like: I want to design a beautiful and thrilling lamp which is made of a graphical and biomorphic pattern. The product has to tell the story of nature (biomorphic) that claims its space back that the humans conquered (graphical).

Conecpt in symbols

© Benjamin Bohnhorst

For now there are 3 ideas how to design my concept.

1. Approach

I want to build it up like an onion. So you got the light in the center that is surrounded by a biomorphic pattern such as a scarf. The 3rd layer is made of plastic and has a graphical pattern. The plastic allows the edges of the triangles to shine.

1 Approach klein

© Benjamin Bohnhorst

2. Approach

I want to focus on how the biomorphic pattern becomes the graphical pattern. In the bottom you have got a waving scarf and step by step it turns into a scarf only made by triangles.

2 Approach klein

© Benjamin Bohnhorst

3. Approach

I want to create something abstract as the concept itself. The light is in the center and it is surrounded by a graphical object made by triangles. The triangles are made of mirrors and have a gap between each other. The surrounding is reflected in the mirrors and becomes the biomorphic part of the lamp.

3 Approach klein

© Benjamin Bohnhorst

During the next thrilling weeks I am going to play around with the ideas to see what fits best to my concept. So pictures of me being in the workshop will follow.


Benjamin Bohnhorst

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