Experiments with the Dichroic foil

The foils finally arrived and now I could try them out and make a note of their behavior. For that, I went to a nearby glaziery and got different types of glass, that won’t be used anymore, for free. Then I put the adhesive foil on the glass and started to experiment. The things I found out are:

  • There are two different foils, one with warm and one with cold colors
  • T​he glass casts two different kinds of colored shadow: it reflects a pale colored shadow and lets a strong colored shadow through
  • The closer the light source is, the shorter and more precise the shadows get
  • With two light sources there are twice as much shadows
  • When both foils are put on the glas (each on one side), the spectrum of colors expands
  • When the glass changes its position to the light source, the shape and colors of the shadows change
  • Different kinds of glass have a different effect (but I will only use clear glass, for there ist already so much going on with the colors that it will be too much if there is also a pattern within the shadow)

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Katrin Lehmann

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