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So… It may take a few more further steps until something enlightening is grown out of that grey concrete. Who did expect that?! However, I am on the way to the future… Today have a look on the latest results of my construction experiments.

Q&A section. 

The way of inserting the light-conducting fibers into the concrete. -> Neh, I will skip that with the fibers, they look like a kitschy sky of stars, I am not looking for that effect, someone has already built that up there.

The difference between lighting alongside the fiber and at the exit end. -> This is no longer an essential question as bigger tools used show bigger overall effects.

The surface optics and the effects of fibers flushed cutting-off or overhanging the concrete. -> This will still be matter of consideration with a strong tendency to overhanging acrylic pieces.

The realization of the ON/off-effect with the chosen materials in dependence on material thickness. -> It seems that this is not one of the fundamental aspects to be realized anymore. The final result should „just“ look good in ON and in off mode.

The experimental results.

 Picture no. 1

© Sophie Erbacher

No. 1 shows concrete and acrylic glass sticks.

The character strongly reminds of fibers. This is consistent with the concept of conducting, also put into practice with electric cables. In this case light-conducting is really well visualized through the sticks with round profile. The ones having a quadratic profile nicely pick up the geometric effect of the concrete base block.

Bild Nr1Picture no. 2

© Sophie Erbacher

No. 2 shows concrete and acrylic glass in form of plates.

The light conducted through the plate is almost invisible within the plate and becomes significantly bright at the cut edges of the plate. On one hand, the cut edges typify the rough industrial surface of the concrete base block. On the other hand, the acrylic glass as medium to transport light to the edges gives a smooth and airy impression. I am really fascinated by these effects throughout the plate. This! This laminar illumination reminds me of the future.


Yes, you might have noticed that I am very convinced of the approach with lightening plates sticked into the concrete. I will most probably go with this and refine the parameters, like shape of concrete base, thickness and format of acrylic glass. Furthermore there are some technical issues to be solved, like implementation of Acrich LED, sufficient cooling of heat emission, general mounting.

I might get some insightful feedback from my dear colleagues this week after presenting my progress to them. Hopefully, I did not screw up the „ask the audience“ joker by stating that No. 2 is my favorite – I still want to be the millionaire!

Sophie Erbacher

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