The three-times light-conducting „Dreierleit“ was inspired by the light-conducting properties of acrylic glass. So the source of light – the new Acrich LED by Seoul – is separated from the illuminating area by construction.

The LED is enclosed in the black main body. That part also provides the cooling elements which are sufficient for an endured life-time of the LEDs. 28 square-cut sticks made of transparent acrylic glass give the light a medium to expand from the heart to the periphery. They are arranged in a graphic pattern and counterpart the technical box to maintain the black/light equilibrium. Three of these arrangements are lined up on an aluminum rod. The single elements can be rotated freely around the axis and varied in their distance to each other.

„Dreierleit“ allows to orient the light towards up to three different directions to illuminate some spots and follow your mood.

ErbacherS2 ErbacherS

All images © Sophie Erbacher

Sophie Erbacher

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