Developing concepts

Finding a new, good and justified concept takes a lot of time. Thinking in many directions makes it easier to find a solution. Your mind is much more wide open and you´re receptive for new ideas and proposals.

That’s why we try to develop three, from each other independent concepts.

At the beginning of each concept, a moodboard shows my first ideas, thoughts and feelings about it.

Reflection and Refraction


Images from left to right.

Top row: © Tokujin Yoshioka, © Mary Wallis, © Mitch Payne, © Christian Herdeg

Bottom row: © Scotty Gunderson, © Outofstockdesign, © Tokujin Yoshioka

My first thought of designing a luminaire was to work with the fascinating qualities of light: working with reflection and refraction.
The aspect that you can spread the white light into many colours seemed pretty exciting to me. That’s why I started an elaborate research to find out all information about the reflection and refraction of light. Reflecting light shouldn´t be that difficult – I could use a mirror or something similar and it´ll work. On the other hand, refraction can be produced by using a prism.
For my concept, my idea is to combine these two properties. My approach is a combination of a conceptual and a functional part. Conceptual stands for the refraction of light, the colours and the fascinating play of lights. In contrast the functional aspect – the light should shine bright and white, so that the user will be able to see something. A quick sketch visualizes the idea and makes it maybe a bit more understandable.


© Pauline Alt

At the moment I´m not sure how to visualize the refraction, maybe with glass fibers or with a white surface. Furthermore it´s going to be tricky to combine refraction and reflection without making a huge lamp, because of the aspect that light beams can´t be switched on their way.
But the next research and tests will give information about it.



Images from left to right.

Top row: © IKEA

Center row: © Min Chul-Kimg/ Sang-In Lee/ Seung-Wook Jeong, © Laughterizer

Bottom row: © Casa Lumi, © Ambivalenz

The second concept is typically for industrial design, because of its wide functionality. I´m thinking of a foldable lamp. The thought behind is to show the thinness of the LEDs and to show that no control gear is necessary. Here are some sketches of my first ideas.

Falten Falten2

© Pauline Alt

Salt lamp


Images from left to right.

© Mattias Hamren, © Ben Smethers, © Monoqi Roberto Tweraser, ©  Marcel Simons

My third concept is about a luminaire consisting of a typical salt lamp. In my opinion these lamps create a wonderful and warm light but don´t look that nice, especially when they´re switched off.
I would like to keep the light effect, which – by the way – has a powerful effect on people’s mind and health: it enriches the air with ions and minimizes the electromagnetic pollution. It is up to you whether you believe it or not, but in my mind it is a nice thought and story behind it.
I would like to design a new luminaire including the salt. Some rough sketches show my first ideas, but they´re already obsolete. Now I´m thinking about producing salt crystals. Maybe they could grow at the top of the lamp? I still don’t know, but it seems extremely exciting to me and I think that I´ll choose this concept for my luminaire.


© Pauline Alt


Pauline Alt

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