Designing a novel salt lamp

I decided to take my third concept – designing a novel salt lamp.

It should be a new interpretation of a salt lamp and erase from the current form/aesthetic of a salt lamp. Like the new generation of ovens – both look completely different but the aim is the same: creating a homely, comfortable mood and giving heat.


Left image © Hase Kaminofenbau GmbH

Right image © Wall Flame II – Radius Design

First of all I tried to work on salt stones, e.g. grinding, polishing etc. – to see what I can do with it and what possibilities I have, because in my opinion good design isn´t completely made up out of thin air.  I want to have a reason behind my design. The first idea isn’t the last one and it is a long process up to the final product.

So here are my first steps of modelling…

IMG_1670 IMG_1671

All images © Pauline Alt

…and some sketches to see of what I´m thinking at the moment.

Sketch1 Skizzen2

All images © Pauline Alt

Today we had our first small presentation. Everyone had to introduce his concept. There I got a lot of new input how to continue:

Maybe I could use the salt stone just as a small detail, like a highlight of my lamp (e.g. the crystal of a ring) or I let the LEDs shine only through one part of the salt stone/ lamp and not through the whole salt lamp. Moreover I´m really fascinated by the black salt stone (cf. modeling pictures) – so I would like to work with that colours/ type of salt stones.


Pauline Alt

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