Design the light that is emitted

Without light there would be nothing – we could literally not sense the world around. When we talk about light in the nature, we talk about the light that is reflected by our environment. We talk rarely about the light source – the sun. Despite that fact, most lamps are designed as a sculpture that incidentally also emitts light. That light is most of the time ”undesigned“.

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All images © Viktor Reiter

My focus will be to design the light that is emitted. As you can see on in the photos, light has a strong spatial quality. We can read our enivronment and can make assumptions about it, just by seeing the interplay between light and man-made structures.

To incorporate this spatial characteristic is the goal of the lamp.

CP1_Skizze_Verlauf CP1_Skizze_Streifen  CP1_Skizze_blauerHorizont


All images © Viktor Reiter

Viktor Reiter

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