Back to the roots

The process of developing a new LED lamp is still in its hours of dawn. Nonetheless, I decided to have a more general look and step back from a given form to let creativity form its own things in my mind. The prototype should be simplified and structured. The desired impression should be the basis of the ideas playing and wandering in my head.

The essence:
Firstly, the light-conducting element separating the light generation from the luminous part.
Secondly, the light acts as an object as long as it is switched off and shows its luminescent value in the moment when it is switched on – I call that ON/off-effect.

The approach:
The combination of a non-transparent material with a light-conducting material should implement the ON/off-effect – aesthetics of concrete for the off-mode and acrylic glass fibers for transferring the ON-mode.

The questions:
The way of inserting the light-conducting fibers into the concrete. The difference between lighting alongside the fiber and at the exit end. The surface optics and the effects of fibers flushed cutting-off or overhanging the concrete. The realization of the ON/off-effect with the chosen materials in dependence on material thickness.

The plan for tomorrow:
Put the roots into the ground and grow some awesome stuff.

Sophie Erbacher

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