Areas of Light – Bands of Light – Lines of Light

Three lead approaches…

First. Fluorescent acrylic glass is a fascinating material. Whereas the planes are transparent, light is transmitted efficiently in parallel to the material. This optic property allows to separate the shining light from the light source. By taking advantage of the light conducting material certain effects of illumination are provided.


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Second. An interplay of transparency, opacity, and translucency is utilized to enhance the impression of light. The light produced by a light source is conducted through and into space by mirrors, transparent and opaque materials. The different effects of shining and scattering are arranged to a composition of light.

transparent, transluzent, opak

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Third. The pattern of illumination is inspired by the network of power supply lines of Munich’s streetcars/tramways. The linear and free aesthetic of the lines is taken on to the illumination. A light-weight and functional construction follows the industrial paradigm.


© Sophie Erbacher


Sophie Erbacher

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