A slightly new direction

After plenty of research and a bit of sacrifice in my concept, I changed from a hydroponic system to an aquaponic system which utilises the nitrates in fish excrements to feed my plants. This a much more ecological system that requires less maintenance as well as the possibility for a more interesting concept. I went to the pet store to find out about what kind of fish I could use, I found out that they require a fair amount of space so I looked at some of the smaller fish and shrimp that require 10 Litres of water for a group of 5 or 6.

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From this idea came difficulty in creating harmony between two different living organisms. So with the limited time left in this project I will focus on creating a functioning lamp, this means the fish and aquaponic system will stay a concept, I will continue to develop it on paper but the final product in this project needs to be a realistic goal. Therefore I have modified my design to use a coconut growing medium instead of the aquaponic system. The coconut fibres have some amazing qualities that will allow for a more compact system.

I continue to use my 11 euro LED grow light on my plants at home and have noticed some rapid growth especially in my chilli plant. Once I figure out my design I will experiment with hanging systems and order more lights to begin prototyping.

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© Zac Imhoof

Zac Imhoof

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