We revolutionized LED technology

At Seoul Semiconductor (SSC) we’ve shown the way in LED innovation since 1987, the year our company was founded. Today we hold over 10,000 patents and rank among the top manufacturers globally. With the launch of the “Acrich” series in 2005, we gave the world the first semiconductor lighting source that can be directly operated from the mains. No converter required. The net effect was to offer lighting designers complete freedom from the cumbersome technology of old, and the flexibility to use LEDs in ways never imagined before.

In 2010, Prof. Shuji Nakamura, winner of the 2014 Nobel Prize in Physics for inventing the blue LED, joined SSC as a consultant. His insight and collaboration informed the successful development of the Acrich2 in 2011, as well as in the development of our so-named “nPola” technology that increases brightness more than 5 times. He then worked with us to take energy efficiency to the next level. The result was the Acrich3, our game-changing new ecolight. Exceptionally compact and reliable, it offers significant power savings too. Learn more


The Result

The new ACRICH3


The advanced new Acrich3 gives designers a lot more than freedom and improved energy efficiency. With the ability to power IR sensors and Bluetooth controllers, the compact Acrich3 IC enables easy integration into smart-lighting electronics. In addition, the Acrich3 IC incorporates an analog input for linear dimming based on smart-lighting’s 0-10 V command, and improves TRIAC Dimming compatibility. Acrich3’s ability to precisely control the dimming range with a turn of knob or slide of the switch also ensures smooth light control. As always, Acrich3 continues to lead the world in low-distortion power by contrasting one of the lowest THDs and one of the highest power factors. Learn more


Certified technology

Our Acrich-based products conform to accepted design standards. This ensures our products can comply with the regulations for various certifications like TÜV, CE or UL certification. IN particular, the TÜV certification for safety, quality and usability is world-renowned for the exacting standards it applies to the products it tests and certifies. Other certifications can be arranged on request.



The benefits


Smart Lighting is intelligent technology that offers easy control and interaction with sensors when integrated with various devices and systems such as smart phones,tablets or building control systems via interfaces including Bluetooth, WLAN, and IR sensors.



No converter is required with Acrich3. This offers far greater design freedom and dramatically broadens the range of applications LED can be deployed in. The absence of a converter also makes for a far more compact LED solution that is ideal for space-restricted lighting applications.



Acrich3 offers both extended life and higher reliability when compared to LED solutions with an AC/DC converter.



This lighting solution is extremely eco-friendly due to low power consumption. It goes without saying that the less energy a light uses the better it is for the environment, especially where this energy is drawn from non-renewable sources.



Ready-made solutions, reference designs, test results and certificates mean no delays in getting to market.



Shorter payback time and lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) are the result of lower costs due to energy savings and the fact that less parts are needed.


“Our ideal target was the realization of a LED luminaire without any additional converter or any other component so that we could design a high-brightness fixture with a shape not previously possible.

Acrich’s unique selling point is that LEDs can be directly driven from the AC line voltage – hence, there is no need for an additional converter. It was the perfect solution for us.”

Catellani & Smith – Italy

“We have specialized in the development of LED boards for the lighting industry. Our aim is to offer innovative LED solutions that meet market requirements. Seoul’s Acrich technology is exactly what the market requires. It is indisputably unique. Acrich is the only solution that allows LEDs to be driven directly from AC mains without the need for an AC/DC converter. This allows for great design flexibility and superior reliability.

The fact that we have successfully deployed it in various applications worldwide for several years proves this point and lends credibility. We also need a partner whose products are of excellent quality, a partner who provides short time-to-market and offers adequate production capacities. Seoul absolutely meets our expectations in these areas. In our opinion, Seoul Semiconductor is a pioneer in LED technology and serves as reference in the LED market.”

Electronic Buying S.L. – Spain

“For the replacement of a high-power incandescent bulb in a poultry farm, we were looking for a retrofit bulb solution which featured dimming and could handle ambient temperatures of up to 40°C and more. The reason we chose Seoul was, on the one hand, that the Acrich2 module provides high reliability due to low part count – no additional driver needed – and is compatible with most existing dimmers.

On the other hand, we selected Seoul due to our positive experiences in the past both with their product quality and service. We especially liked their approach of developing the best tailor-made solution in close collaboration with the customer. The result was OTUS, an agricultural lighting product. We are very happy with the positive market feedback we receive for OTUS. We also deployed the same technology in several other new products for the same reason.”

Hato BV – The Netherlands

“We have been active in the area of communal and outdoor lighting. The challenges we faced with our projects were limited space, the request for slim and lightweight cases as well as non-standard PCB form factors and customer-specific technical requirements. This meant that customer needs could not be satisfied with standard Acrich modules, but rather required customized solutions.
Acrich was our first choice, as this technology provides a unique way to operate LEDs directly from AC mains. The absence of an AC/DC converter enables the design of compact and lightweight cases.

The benefit of great design flexibility allows for use in a wide range of lighting applications. Technical specifications such as flux and efficacy are equivalent to those of DC solutions. A power factor of more than 0.97, which is not so easily achieved with an AC/DC PSU, is another big plus. Last but not least, Acrich is highly competitive in terms of price.
If you are looking for a flexible, compact, reliable LED lighting solution with superior lifetime and competitive pricing, Acrich is THE solution to go for.”

Lighting Technologies – Russia

“Oluce is a well-known brand of designer lamps. We are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to provide a greater freedom in the design process.

With Acrich, Seoul Semiconductor came up with the perfect solution, enabling us to eliminate the power supply, thereby enhancing the design of the project.”

Oluce – Italy

“As a manufacturer of high-end lighting products, it is our ambition – and in line with our philosophy – to create products of superior quality and aesthetic design based on technological innovation.  AC/DC converters always posed a challenge for our sleek design.

With Seoul’s Acrich technology, this challenge has been surmounted. Acrich allowed us to combine the aesthetic appeal of our sleek design with a functional technology that delivers our desired light output.”

Panzeri – Italy


The versatility and flexibility of our Acrich lighting solutions has lead to a wide range of applications from designer luminaires to agricultural lighting solutions. This is what some of our key clients have had to say about Acrich:

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